NGEN Enabling Technologies Fund, L.P., Santa Barbara, USA, was created by NGEN Partners, LLC. to promote special enterprises in innovative materials.

Special emphasis is placed on polymers, organic materials, energy and environmental technologies, display technologies and electronics, as well as infrastructure and telecommunications.

BASF Venture Capital also became a limited partner in NGEN's second fund in 2005. This has a broader mandate and focuses on cleantech opportunities.

Co-Investors in NGEN are Asahi Glass, Boeing, Henkel, Air Products, Canon, Saint Gobain, DSM, Schott, Bayer, DuPont, Siemens, Bekaert, Honda and Unilever.


Investment status: Invested

NGEN is very pleased to have worked with BASF Ventures. We have worked with them since they were first organized. Over the years we have worked with almost every layer of their organization and can categorically say that they are a first class institution that cares about their investments, takes responsibility for helping make them better, and excels in being responsive.

We have co-invested with BASF, and found that their participation in transactions has been additive. Their global reach and expertise is invaluable. We have worked closely with their entire team: whether in the US, Asia or Europe.