As well as financial investment BASF Venture Capital offers a resource that money cannot buy: access to the worldwide networks of BASF Group

Finance can only ever be a catalyst - it is no substitute for access to the right partners and customers. Because we recognize this, we make sure from the start that our portfolio companies have maximum access to the broad, global network of BASF Group.

Together with the management of our start-up companies we look for specific opportunities to market their innovations in industry - including collaborations with other business in the BASF Venture Capital portfolio. Working together in this way creates an environment where innovation is continuously stimulated.

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Our portfolio of companies benefit from:

  • BASF research network
  • extensive experience in scaling-up processes and products
  • our patent protection experts
  • global marketing activities
  • global access to markets and industries

All these advantages are significant factors for growth.

In addition, the portfolio companies of BASF Venture Capital GmbH benefit from the know-how and research "Verbund" of the BASF Group and its worldwide network:

  • Extensive expertise in chemical-based technologies and their applications
  • Strong experience in up-scaling of processes and products
  • Expert knowledge in strategic patent protection
  • Global marketing operations

The close collaboration of BASF Venture Capital GmbH with the portfolio companies - particularly in the technological field - is intended to generate new impetus for further development on both sides. This is what we regard as our unique contribution to the value creation of our portfolio companies.