We are the corporate venture capital company of BASF Group. We invest globally in promising start-up companies and funds.

We invest in start-up companies and venture capital funds worldwide. Our investments focus on innovative technologies with a high growth potential where chemistry plays an important role, as well as new materials and substances with significant market opportunities.

We not only invest venture capital, but also support our investments through targeted interaction between BASF Group's worldwide know-how and research network and our portfolio companies.

Targeted investment in innovative ideas and technologies

The over-riding objective of our investment is to link the strategic and operational interests of BASF Group with innovative technologies of emerging businesses.

Our preference is to get involved with financing in the early stages, after the creation of the company. Our investments typically comprise a minority interest - often in syndication with other venture capital funds.

Every step of the investment process is executed by an experienced team of financial experts and scientists. Discover more about us.

Our portfolio includes exceptional start-up companies who enrich the marketplace with their innovative materials, methods or products. Find out about them here.